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My name: Dragan Popovic
My Fotopage: http://dragan.fotopages.com/
About me: All pictures: © 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Dragan Popovic
From: Sweden
Other: D200
Sabine De Breizh
Latest entry:Moi et Sparadrap
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Mikael Kask
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kris inizu
Latest entry:Heifafest 2011
t-shirts diplayed! View this Fotopage entry
Vera Martino
Latest entry:Una rosa per mamma
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ad vanmaldegem
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liz Moody
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Latest entry:Vrijgezellenfeest
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Steve Renko
Latest entry:"Sudden Drop Off."
So what was in the air cells today? Today the aircells didn't wait for a public bus to pick them up. Actually, they walked with the briefcase. It was a Thursday, afterall. Retirement is in on the scene. The vehicles moved automatically east and west on the extinct Indian trail. The authorities have named it, officially, state highway 283. State highway 283?! The extinct Indian trail has some ring to it. This trail is conveniently located on the southern shores of Lake Erie. Lake Erie is a shallo... View this Fotopage entry
"Niagara Falls."
josef tichy
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Lewesrat Pictures
Latest entry:~Memories~
Memories may crack and blur, Dust may fade their edges, But still, memories sustain us. View this Fotopage entry
Bertrand Eberhard
Latest entry:art fev 2010
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Winston Edghill
Latest entry:More "First Shots of 2010" - Nuff, Nuff Reflections
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Henri Grienenberger
Latest entry:Marché de Noel à Rixheim
dans le magnifique cadre du Parc de la Commanderie View this Fotopage entry
encore des inuits
xxx judith hough
Latest entry:what I see along the way!
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ruibi wang
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JP Harr
Latest entry:Generator Shaft
Inside the power generation house, this is the spinning shaft of one of the generators. It is, in a word, immense. Down below, there are a series of venetian blind-like vanes that allow water in to spin the turbine. Above the shaft are the rotor and stator, charged by DC current, picking up electrons and sending the power out of the building. The current is sent through step-up transformers, routed through a switch yard, and pushed along wires to the nation's power grid. Just one of these spinning generator... View this Fotopage entry
Chris Bailey
Latest entry:Breakfast in America
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'Breakfast in America'
my space
Latest entry:New York, Wall Street
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Rio Lerma
Latest entry:Thought
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marco munoz
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gilou Dp
Latest entry:For you, for me, for Sythia...
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Marty Baird
Latest entry:Day on the road
1 rough water 2 sunset 3interesting clouds 4 sunrise 5 out for a walk 6 clouds View this Fotopage entry
intersting clouds
Petr Vanek
Latest entry:Unhealthy
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frank vranckx
Latest entry:tunnels ♠○↨E
-ı~~http://schaaflicht.blogspot.com/search/label/crossings(ı_☺_ı~ı_☻_ı~ı__♥__/) . . . http://blog.myspace.com/straatsalaat(+xÖx+) http://users.skynet.be/schaaflicht/collapsia.htm(stories from collapsia) (with music from my band: http://users.skynet.be/schaaflicht/joyouscosmology.htm(the joyous cosmology) * :alien_abduct: View this Fotopage entry
Carolina in Sweden
Latest entry:Wedding in Venice
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Steve Troy
Latest entry:Storms and Sunsets
A little contrast now..........some skies from South Dakota...... View this Fotopage entry
Jette from Bremen
Latest entry:***
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Elaine Louvier
Latest entry:Photo Challenge # 149...... Anger
Dolly is the gentlest dog. but when she plays she looks ferocious View this Fotopage entry
Go ahead, make my day!
Jas Tan
Latest entry:Mal and Sis' wedding pics at Brighton
We headed for Brighton beach after St Kilda beach... Love these ones! :D View this Fotopage entry
Carlos Miguel Fernandes
Latest entry:Seoul
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Austin Graham
Latest entry:The Last Stand - Leinster Vs Munster, Landowne Road, Dublin
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Sara Malek
Finde me: http://jpgmag.com/themes/4 View this Fotopage entry
visit me at JPEG
Valeria vaz
Latest entry:Ilha do Mel
Desde do dia primeiro que São Paulo não vê sol, assim resolvi marcar meu retorno ao fotopages com fotos feitas em 2006 na Ilha do Mel, banhadas pela luz solar e tranqüilidade. 8-) View this Fotopage entry
Serra do Mar no Paraná
mikkel berg
Latest entry:Seattle: University District: Finn MacCool's Irish Pub
Happy New Year! Godt Nyttår! S Novym Godom! Buorre Oddajahki! Feliz Navidad! Et cetera... View this Fotopage entry
Azziria xxx
Latest entry:A late flowering - October blooms
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john okeefe
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granny sue
Latest entry:France - Hossegor the morning after the tempest!
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Kang Ouloup
Latest entry:Tanzania
A trip in Tanzania... View this Fotopage entry
Dale in Canada
Latest entry:fog
http://static.flickr.com/59/225806144_c8292f6fa2_o.jpg View this Fotopage entry
Maese Web
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Justin Lincoln
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Maryam Rafia
Latest entry:The Fire Within
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karine oertli
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Ilina Ilieva
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Dark Room
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Carolina from Singapore
Latest entry:The New Paper Big Walk
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Christopher Wong
Latest entry:Happy 3rd shed!
My darling Kwayteow had its (haha still don't know its sex!) third shed (since coming home with me last year) yesterday! What a happy little python after going through the ordeal of crawling out of its skin! View this Fotopage entry
aafke postma
Latest entry:Eclips in Side
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Veronica Khokhlova
Latest entry:Kyiv--Khreshchatyk--Victor Yanukovych's Day
March 11, 2006 View this Fotopage entry
me ilaiza
Latest entry:Cape Canaveral
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riskapic ormore
Latest entry:j.f.k.canard revisited
http://schaaflist.fotopages.com/?entry=66682(the originals) ___________________________ http://users.skynet.be/schaaflicht/collapsia.htm() View this Fotopage entry
japcine japcine
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Chad Fox
Latest entry:1968 Shelby Cobra on Castro Street, San Francisco
When I saw this beauty parked outside The Bar on Castro, my heart stopped. This is a very rare treat...especially one in such good condition. I won't blather on here...I'll just let the Shelby do the talking. View this Fotopage entry
massimiliano sarmax
Latest entry:thanks everybody...
...for all the great time I've spent here @ fotopages with all of you I'm moving to another website if you want to continue to see my pictures the new address is: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sarmax thanks again peace sarmax View this Fotopage entry
vilnius 2005
Mica Yu
Latest entry:my dear J.J and N.N
N.N is my new kitty... isn't she beautiful? or to say, dramatical? View this Fotopage entry
Renee Brinker
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willem plugge
Latest entry:Crise de Moule
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Humpty Dumpty
Latest entry:I've moved...
I have moved from here to http://www.flickr.com(Flickr) http://www.flickr.com/photos/ppz/25185016/() Please make sure to drop by... View this Fotopage entry
Latest entry:Samara Sunsets - (The Boys of Summer Lyrics - Don Henley)
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Miss Soluna
Latest entry:Le Déluge
Forcément, avec 37° aujourd'hui à Paris, il fallait bien que le temps tourne à l'orage... View this Fotopage entry
everybody antistresspoweet
Latest entry:0 moon
aan de volle maan zal het ni ligge http://nostressnostress.blogspot.com/2005/05/stemmetje.html(ö sikkeltje) View this Fotopage entry
moko chan
Latest entry:tell me
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Jorge Cavazos
Latest entry:La la la la la
Bueno, pues la la la la la. View this Fotopage entry
Liz in Tokyo
Latest entry:Snow!
There was a big snowfall (for Tokyo) today. I got a few pics with my cell phone camera. View this Fotopage entry
Roman Logman
Latest entry:Winter visitor
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Pedro Barbosa
Latest entry:...mais uma
...mt trabalho ultimamente.... a arquitectura mata-me ;-) View this Fotopage entry
Dragan Popovic
Latest entry:Grza - Serbia
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Lukasz Brzenczek
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Behzad Rahmati
Latest entry:News
NEWS My new photoBLOG is http://www.flickr.com/photos/saital if anyone want to see my new photos go there..Thankx! View this Fotopage entry
Numbering Number
Latest entry:504
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Jeff Brown
Latest entry:Il pleure de mon cÅ?ur comme il pleut sur la ville
Quelle est cette langueur qui pénètre mon cÅ?ur A long dry spell in a distant city is ended by an unimaginable vacation at home. View this Fotopage entry
stealing angie's hat
fedora is a girl
Latest entry:Market day
These pictures were taken at the wet market in my sleepy coastal hometown, Kuala Terengganu. The sight and smells (fresh fish, wet veggies and unfortunately clogged drains) reminded me of childhood days, when I frequented the market accompanying my mother on her weekly grocery excursions. Little has changed since those days. View this Fotopage entry
Customers at the 'pasar'
dalas verdugo
Latest entry:xmas party 2004 at jakob's
photos courtesy of kara canal. View this Fotopage entry
hedvika seznam
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nie bo tak
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David Ginsbu
Latest entry:test
this is a test $B$3$s$K$A$O(B View this Fotopage entry
T n C
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Nadia Velez
Latest entry:oh
I added some thing here! but after I send to ask for my password buahaha a kiss all X 8-) View this Fotopage entry
El día estaba gris
Luar de areia
Latest entry:E viva o luxo!
Uns com tanto e outros com tão pouco.. View this Fotopage entry
Olivera Savic Popovic
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Shamsul Alam
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Jumento Roncinante
Latest entry:Manifestação no dia 25 de Abril em Lisboa, Portugal (Fotos 01-45
Fotos do Blogue http://jumento.blogdrive.com View this Fotopage entry
Glitter Girl
Please visit my new blog for the latest work View this Fotopage entry
mk one visual perfume for men and women
Latest entry:inside the train...
...flying by... View this Fotopage entry
... a ?!? thing
Obaasan de France
Latest entry:Comme une envie d'aller à la plage
... de marcher dans le sable en laissant ses empreintes ... View this Fotopage entry
mea lacanadienne
Latest entry:fireworks!
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The french team
Latest entry:mushroom at the top ! DOLE - Gilou -
:you_crazy: View this Fotopage entry
michael blackwell
Latest entry:La Bahia
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velma quixotic
Latest entry:Sculpt II
Your constant encouragement and comments (even those that leave me scratching my head) keep my amateurish attempts going. Thank you, one and all. View this Fotopage entry
Fleur Guern
Latest entry:Charles Dickens festival in Deventer
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Pulsos de Prata
Latest entry:Bolinhas de Sabão
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yucui baby chin
Latest entry:From margaritas to teochew muay
Moving onto poseur Balaclava for quiet drinks with a bunch of accountant and auditor acquaintances. It was a change from the laidback pool-table karaoke joint. The Margaritas were decent enough, but they couldn't beat scarfing down good ol teochew muay- porridge- in the rain at 3am in the morning in a roadside coffeeshop run by a chirpy flirty grandma who gamely posed for the pictures. The rest of the day? I plead amnesia. View this Fotopage entry
Photogenic grandma
LilPo LilPo
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Angela in Germany
Latest entry:railway station in our neighbour town
I'm sorry for the long break, but I cannot keep up with daily entries - too much work, too little time. I will post new pictures here from time to time. Thank you all and have a nice sunday! View this Fotopage entry
rita line
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Arte Cerro Writer
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Leslie Taylor
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magoo magoo
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ratlio gzinex
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